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Encompassing more than 95,000 square miles, Mongolia’s Eastern Steppe is the largest expanse of unspoiled, temperate grassland in the world. Each year, about a million Mongolian gazelles migrate across this vast landscape of short grass and sparse trees, in herds of thousands of animals at a time. Many other mammals also live on the steppe, including the gray wolf, Siberian marmot, steppe polecat, Pallas’s cat, and Daurian hedgehog. The endangered saker falcon soars above the steppe, and six of the world’s 13 species of crane are found here. Mongolia is a nation of herders. There are more horses than people here, and about five times as many sheep and goats. There are no fences, walls or hedges. Herds roam across the grasslands, with horses galloping freely, and the odd group of shaggy two-humped camels or yaks.It is an outdoor country,where visitors all fall in love with this beautiful, wide-open land, largely because of its amiable and attractive people.
This is a Kazakh style YurtMy team- heading back to civilizationVery historic markerTurkish monument from 735 AD( see my write-up)Leaving campTrek back to campChecking out livestock conditionsNewborn lambs sleep inside tent for better survival rateYoung nomad boy -repairs to shed with tarp weighted with dungAlways greeted by one of 4 guard dogs

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