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One of the famous Moroccan cities famous for its rulers, its location at the base of the Atlas mountains, its access to the sea and a major caravan trading center. The Djem-El-Fna ranks amongst the largest city squares in the World. The town surrounds the square and the walls encompass the town. Writers such as Hemingway have remarked that there is no town-square like this in the world. They still have story tellers narrating stories from the Arabian nights every night. Most citizens turn up to the square to hear these stories on a continual basis- like watching a soap opera. Its popularity is waning but gives us a glimpse of medieval entertainment. Added to this there are jugglers, dancers, snake charmers, fortune- tellers, hennaists, water carriers and a whole variety of civic scoundrels. Since my visit in 1998 I can see the deterioration of "fun" being gradually replaced by intimidating tourist scammers.
The Bahia palace- 19th centuryMint leaf for Moroccan teaThe Jewish Quarter- It used to be sealed off

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