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Panna National Park is home to some of the best wildlife species in India and is one of the most famous Tiger Reserves in the country.Summers, somewhat scorching, are when one has the maximum chances of encountering wildlife of this park. Winters are cold and comfortable and the temperature generally remains under 25°C. Mammals include Tiger, the leopard, wild dog, wolf , hyaena, caracal and other smaller cats. Sloth bear has his most favourite home in the rock escarpments.The wooded areas are dotted with sambar, the largest of Indian deers, chital and chowsingha. One can easily see Nilgai and Chinkara in most open areas in the grasslands, specially on the periphery.The avifauna comprises more than 200 species, including a host of migratory birds.Variety of snakes, including the python and other reptiles are found here. The dominating vegetation type is miscellaneous dry deciduous forest inter spread with grassland areas and tall grasses.
Male Spotted Deer

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