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Iran is a conservative religious society. The men of Iran fall into almost the same categories as the men in India( a free speech democracy). They are religious, agnostic and some are even non believers. They do not hesitate to poke fun at Mohammad and revere some of Islam's saints at the same time. So there is no stereo typical Iranian. The more urban and educated city dweller is as modern as anyone anywhere in thought even though their actions are curbed by the Islamic state. As a traveler one talks to the educated but photographs villagers and traditional peoples. As a whole they are fun, open, curious and engaging.
At  Poet Hafiz's tomb- Male Budgriger picks versus that affects ones lifeOmid Bastan- My guide and Driver for 3 weeksPoetic fortune tellerCarpet store owner in Tabriz with guide OmidDonkey Owner- Alamut MountainsChess Game - Qazvin BazaarKurdish Store owner ( a proud Aryan race)- Bisutan World Heritage SiteProud Papa- KermanDaddy's Girl- Esfahan ProvinceClassic Aryan face

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