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The Desert Castles of Ancient Khorezm emerge from the arid, sandy plains of Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan near the Aral sea. The first fortifications began to appear in the 7th century B.C.,crafted from the region’s raw earth using a combination of mud brick and cob. The sophisticated rammed earth material allowed these structures to maintain their structural stability while allowing for massive walls, gates, towers, and architectural details including vaulted corridors, decorative niches, and arrow slots.This landscape encompasses a number of desert castles, each in varying states of decay.Seemingly formed straight from the earth, the façades of the castles and fortifications have softened through centuries of exposure to wind and other natural elements. The original inhabitants were the ancient Aryans who migrated from the central Steppe regions of Ukraine.Later populated by Turkic people and theAchamenid persians.
One of 28 ruined 3rd BC-6th Ad citadelsOther CitadelsFirst view of Ayaz Qala-Absolutely stunning 6th Century BC fortress Ayaz QalaThe Ayaz 1 and Ayaz 2 citadelsThe top citadel was built in 4-6th BC while the bottom one was used in 6th century ADMy yurt for the afternoon

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