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Samarkand is one of the oldest cities in the world established in 700 BC by the Persians. It was predominantly Zoarastrian. Arab conquests in 700AD saw the Abassids ruling much of Samarkhand which was a crossroad silk route city. Gengiz Khan completely destroyed it in circa 1234AD. The Chagat Khan dynasty after Gengiz was destroyed by Timur, a son of nearby Shakrisabz. A Mongol-Turk, he parlayed his initial success into a world conquering mission by invading lands from India to the Black Sea.He died during a campaign to capture China.While a poor administrator, he left his legacy as a great builder bring artisans from all over his empires to build Samrkhand. Uzbekistan boasts of Ulugbek- founder of Islamic Astronomy, Al-Jibar-founder of Algebra, Bahraudin Naxbandi, the one of the founders of Sufism- spreading Islam through dialogue and not the sword, the tomb of old testament prophet Daniel and a birthplace of Zoaraster.
The Tomb of Al Bukhari- One of the great Islamic saints venerated for his work on the "Hadjjis"- the verbal sayings of MohammadTomb complex of TimurStrong external blue Majolica tilesPersian honeycomb style copied by other Islamic designs in Granada, Morocco and IndiaEntry Portal Timur's tombSubtle internal blue hand painting.Classic Scalloped Persian Dome DesignThe 85 year old master architect-Restorer of a 8th century complexNecropolis of Timur's descendentsVarious family Tombs

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