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Genetic evidence suggests they are one of the oldest peoples in the world going back to 60,000 years.They were traditionally hunter-gatherers, and their tribe system reflects their interdependence as traditionally small, mobile foraging bands. Their gathering gear was simple yet highly effective: a hide sling, blanket, and cloak to carry foodstuffs, firewood, smaller bags& a digging stick. Women would gather fruits, nuts and roots - and men hunted various kinds of antelope, using poison arrows and spears in days-long excursions. They speak a variety of languages, all of which incorporate 'click' sounds.They make their own temporary homes from wood that they gather. Many Bushmen who have been forced off their lands now live in settlements in areas that are unsuitable for hunting and gathering - they support themselves by growing some food, or by working on ranches.There are 100,000 Bushmen in Botswana, Namibia, South Africa and Angola.
Heading to Bushmen campVery young Bush"boy" not sure of meSo small and so shyThe 74 year old father-"Otto"The mother-1

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