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There is no other landscape in western Europe with the density and variety of archaeological monuments as the Dingle Peninsula. This mountainous finger of land which juts into the Atlantic Ocean has supported various tribes and populations for almost 6,000 years. Because of the peninsula's remote location(western most European town), and lack of specialized agriculture, there is a remarkable preservation of over 2,000 monuments.The Dingle Peninsula is green, rugged, and untouched. While the big tour buses clog the neighboring Ring of Kerry before heading east to kiss the Blarney Stone, in Dingle it still feels like the fish and the farm actually matter. Fishing boats still sail from Dingle, and a nostalgic whiff of peat scents its nighttime air, offering visitors an escape into pure Ireland, where locals are fond of saying, "The next parish is Boston."
Irish Famine communal home

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