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Trekking on a glacier with crampons needs lots of motor skills, but otherwise easy, except on the thighs.The surface of glaciers are very undulating and navigating through them requires a lot of climbing (20-30 ft) and descending. Unless fully experienced , walking on a glacier can result in certain death!. However safety concerns are alleviated by 2 expert guides who chop and test the ice along the way. The dangers that loom are deep crevasses that could plummet you into 150 ft deep holes, right in the middle of the ice. These crevasses are caused by melting ice penetrating the ice cap over time and can be concealed in the early hours by a thin ice layer. Expert use of an ice axe and the constant lookout for ice bridges are the strengths of the guides
This was a 15 ft "Window"Celebrating the trek with SCOTCH WHISKY, provided by the organizer...great funa deep crevasse developingThis hole goes all the way to the bottom of the Water line of the lake-YOU ARE DEAD

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