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The Arctic Circle is one of the five major circles of latitude that mark maps of the Earth.The region north of this circle is known as the Arctic, and the zone to the south is called the Northern Temperate Zone.The Arctic Circle marks the southern extremity of the polar day (24-hour sunlit day, often referred to as the "midnight sun") and polar night (24-hour sunless night). North of the Arctic Circle, the sun is above the horizon for 24 continuous hours at least once per year and below the horizon for 24 continuous hours at least once per year.The Trans Alaska Pipeline was constructed to move oil from the North Slope of Alaska to the northern most ice-free port in Valdez, Alaska.Details:Length: 800 miles.Diameter: 48 inches.Crosses three mountain ranges and more than 30 major rivers and streams.Construction began in, 1975 and was completed by1977.More than 16 billion barrels have moved through TAPS.For details read
Conifers give way to  Arctic TundraConifers giving way to ice age lakesTrucks supplying Prudhoe Bay Oil fieldsCamp Robber-JayTechnological Wonde- Airconditioned legs to prevent melting of permafrostPipeline SecurityBuilt in Zig Zag fashion to minimize earthquake damage800 mile pipe line delivers oil to Valdez in 5 daysArctic Wilderness National Park(sans road)

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