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For the ancient Greeks Delos was the most sacred place, because Apollo & Artemis, two of the most important deities of the Greek pantheon, were born there.Inhabitation of Delos occurred about 2500 BC and the Mycenaeans (from Crete) arrived in about 1500 BC. The Apollo sanctuary dates back to the 9th BC, and Greeks from all over the Greek world came here to worship during the 5th-4th century BC.Starting in about 167 BC, Delos was named a free port, and it became the hub of commercial activity for all the eastern Mediterranean. Rich merchants and bankers and traders settled on Delos and built luxurious homes. Many called Delos the greatest commercial center of the world, and 30,000 people lived on this little rock( 6 sq. km)about the 1st century BC. This peaceful island was attacked by Mithridates, the King of Pontus (on the Black Sea) in 88 BC and again by pirates from Athenodorus in 69 BC. After that the island was gradually abandoned. Please Read
Approaching Delos, a very windy IslandHome to over 40 temples and 30000 people in 500 BC

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