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About 750 BC, the Greeks began to colonize Sicily. The most important colony was Syracuse; other significant ones were Akragas, Gela, Himera, Selinunte, and Zancle.A significant part of Greek culture on the island was that of Greek religion and many temples were built across Sicily, such as the Valley of the Temples at Agrigento. Politics on the island was intertwined with that of Greece; Syracuse became desired by the Athenians, and Syracuse gained Sparta and Corinth as allies. While Greek Syracuse controlled much of Sicily, there were a few Carthaginian colonies in the far west of the island. When the two cultures began to clash, the Greek Punic Wars erupted, the longest wars of antiquity Greece began to make peace with the Roman Republic in 262 BC and the Romans sought to annex Sicily as its empire's first province. My travels took me to Siracusa, Agrigento's valley of temples and Segeste.
The amphitheatre at Siracusa. 2nd largest in the Greek WorldRuined platform of the Zeus temple, SiracusaA young Achilles!The tomb of Archimedes- The great scientist Philosopher. He had traveled to India to study JainismHimenaopter with his Diopter?Temple of Heracles, AgrigentoThe Citadel had 20 temples on this mount overlooking the mediterraneanDiana looking out for CupidThese are some of the largest Doric temples ever built. Notice the main altar inside the columns

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