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On the access road to the Gwalior Fort- are statues of Jain Thirthankaras dating back to the 8th & 15th centuries. The figures were defaced by the forces of the Mughal conqueror Babur in 1527 but were later restored poorly by the British. The Arwahi group contains a 17m high standing sculpture of the first Jain thirthankara, Adinath and a 10m high seated figure of Nemnath, the 22nd Jain thirthankara. The south-eastern group is the most important and covers nearly 1 km of the cliff face with more than 20 images. Sahsra Bahu Temples: Built in honor of Lord Vishnu in the 9th century, this temple in the fort allures not only the devotees but also archealogists with its artistic value. Tel-Ka Mandir used as a soda factory and coffee shop by the British after the Indian Uprising, this 30m-high, 8th-century temple is the oldest monument in the compound. The hybrid design of Teli ka Mandir incorporates a Dravidian square roof and Indo-Aryan decorations.
Adinatha- Jain Thirthankara

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