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Gauchos were generally nomadic, and lived in the Pampas, that extends north from Patagonia, bounded on the west by the Andes and extending on the east to Uruguay. Residing in remote areas these skilled riders lived off the land often willingly sharing their food with other travelers. They took pride in their dressing style & the typical outfit would include a poncho (which doubled as saddle blanket and also as sleeping gear), a facon (large knife), a rebenque (leather whip), and loose-fitting trousers called bombachas, belted with a tirador, or a chiripa, Like the North American cowboys, gauchos were generally reputed to be strong, honest, silent types, but proud and capable of violence when provoked.Their tendency to violence over petty matters is also recognized as a typical trait. They use of the famous "facon" (large knife generally tucked into the rear of the gaucho sash) is legendary, often associated with considerable bloodletting.
llama farm, used to transport goods for trekkersToughie of the crowd-RogerioCristobal, my riding companion fixing my horseClassic stance for uphill ridesCarlo and Cristobal putting on a show for meCarlo,the head Gauco and stable master who told me tales of his childhood during 2 days of ridingRelaxing while riding- not easy

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