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Uluru a huge red mass of sandstone was discovered by the surveyor William Gosse in 1873, which he named after the then governor of Australia, The Aborigines believe that the rock is a monument which evidences their beliefs about how the world was formed during Dreamtime, the dawn of time. Many of the fissures and marks on the rocks are explained in Aboriginal mythology, and the caves in the rock are full of cave paintings which have been renewed by the Aborigines for thousands of years. As such, the site is very sacred to the Aborigines. Uluru is seen to record the events of the Dreamtime. In more recent times, the rock can also be seen to represent the struggle between the white settlers and the Aborigines, both due to the two names given to the rock and the fact that the land around, and Uluru itself, has been given back to the original inhabitants of Australia after more than a century of racial struggles

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