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The castle of Harlech and the fortified complexes of Caernarfon and Conwy are located in the former principality of Gwynedd, in north Wales. The King who built castles- Edward I earned this title by building the remarkable castle structures in Wales in the years 1277-83, and were were initiated in a campaign to impose dominion over the Welsh. The program began and virtually ended with him. It was not repeated by him in his attempts to conquer Scotland, and was not imitated by any succeeding monarch in Britain.Edward's program required a mastermind to supervise the work involved. He chose one of the foremost castle-builders, Master James of St. George.As a warrior King, Edward's success lay in his ability to organize, and his ability in military and political skills. King Edward died on July 07, 1307. What he created more than 700 years ago earned a UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE Listing.
The City wallws of ConwyY & Conwy castle

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