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Despite a changing world, the leopard has been able to maintain a surprisingly large population, especially in comparison to other big cats. Its population is estimated at 500.000- ten times more than lions, tigers, and cheetahs combined. The majority are found in the grasslands of sub-Saharan Africa, but they are also widespread, covering much of Africa, the Middle East, as well as eastern and southern Asia. They have settled in terrains that range from tropical rainforests and deserts, to alpine mountains and the outskirts of cities. Lion and leopard habitats do overlap quite a bit.Lions don't typically eat leopards, but they will kill them if they cross paths because they are competition for food. Lions are the same way with cheetahs.Typically lions only kill the leopards, and leave the carcass. Lions will hunt and kill any leopard that they find exposed, particularly cubs - it is a way for them to reduce competition from other predators that share the same food resources.
Leopard motherMother keeoing an eye on the lionsLionesses and cubs resting after mealCub 1- peering from within the branchesCub 2 in a neighboring treeMom stretches and looks out below0

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