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Cusuco National Park is a 58,000 acresprotected area in the Merendon mountains of northwest Honduras. The park ranges from just above sea level in the west to 2,425 metres (7,956 ft) in the middle. Cusuco encompasses several major habitats, including semi-arid pine forest, moist pine forest, moist broadleaf forest and dwarf forest at elevations above 6,600 ft.The park is part of the Meso-American biodiversity hotspot, a region characterised by exceptional species richness. Cusuco also has great diversity of habitats due to the large elevational gradients in the park. Cusuco supports exceptional biodiversity. Key features of the park include the globally threatened taxa which the park protects - especially amphibians, Baird’s tapir, the assemblage of montane forest birds, jewel scarab beetles, and the globally rare dwarf forest habitat. The integrity of the ecosystem is threatened by land cover change particularly conversion of forest to coffee plantations.
enroute in a modified 1975 4X4Last of the Central American primary forestsClouds created by condensation of carribean air at 6000 ftTall fern trees similar to Australian rain forestsnight macro of fire antLocust larveaHandsome wasp

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