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The Weddell sea is a relatively large and abundant true seal with a circumpolar distribution surrounding Antarctica. They have the most southerly distribution of any mammal, with a habitat that extends as far south as McMurdo Sound (at 77°S). It is the only member of the Antarctic tribe of to prefer in-shore habitats on shore-fast ice over free-floating pack ice. Because of its abundance, relative accessibility, and ease of approach by humans, it is the best studied of the Antarctic seals. It is estimated that there are approximately 800,000 individuals today. ( Average length 10-12ft and weighs 800-1400 lbs). CRABEATER:Despite its name, the crabeater seal does not feed on crabs, which are not found in its Antarctic habitat. Rather, the crabeater seal is a specialist predator on Antarctic krill which comprise over 90% of the diet. Their high abundance(7 million plus) is a testament to the extreme success of Antarctic krill, the single species with the greatest biomass on the planet
Snow Petrelwatchful WeddellCrab eater on ice floeBite marks escaping Leopard Seal attacks

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