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Pulicat Lake is the second largest brackish-water eco-system on the East Coast.The lake is 60Km x18 km in size. It was once a historical city and a major port for trade with the Dutch & the British East India Companies.A Dutch Cemetary with 22 protected tombs (1631 to 1655 AD) and another Landmark DutchCemetary with 76 tombs are protected by the Archealogical Survey of India. Behind the market place, there are streets with dilapidated houses once occupied by ethnic Arabian Muslims. A few families are still left over and they possess a document with them in Arabic which says that they were banished from Mecca( 13th Century) for refusing to pay tributes to a new Caliph. In1606 A.D. when a Dutch ship ran aground on the Pulicat shores these Muslims offered food and help to the Dutch and struck a partnership with them, to procure and supply local merchandise.The name Coramandel coast for the east Coast of India is derived from the Tamil village" Karai Manal" where the Arabs lived.
Friends and family will await their return eagerly. A tough life...................Fisherman getting ready to go on an all night ordealNets are loadedEngine revvedBoat jettisoned...Off they go for another nights catch... where the priest visits once a weekVillage Barber shopRoad side shrine in PulicatVillage on the way to Pulicat

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