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Denali is well-known for its diversity of wildlife. There are 39 species of mammals, 167 species of birds, 10 species of fish, and one species of amphibian known in Denali. There are no reptiles recorded in Denali. Animal life and activity in Denali is dictated by the seasons. Winter is the longest season and the animals that are year-round residents are well-adapted to life in the subarctic. The brief spring season brings the return of 80% of Denali’s bird life, the waking of hibernating bears, and an increase in activity levels of wildlife. Summer is a time for raising young and preparing for migration, hibernation, or survival during the winter. Summer also brings hordes of insects, including mosquitoes. In late summer king and chum salmon run in the multitude of streams and rivers. In autumn, migrating birds fill the skies and bull moose gather their harems of cows for the mating season.
The Boreal Owl with Mountain BackdropBull Moose in RutMoose cow -awaiting the BullClose Encounter:Big Guy darts out of the bushes and sends me scurryingBig rack with velvet attached.Terrain of MooseYoung Male MooseThe Dall Mountain Sheep- Endemic species to DenaliDall Sheep in sheer slopes

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