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Tanzania has the second highest rate of forest loss in sub-Saharan Africa endangering primate survival, despite considerable conservation investment and a large amount of land nominally under protection.The most terrestrial of primates are baboons. Two species are present in Arusha; the bulkier green-brown olive baboon and the slighter yellow-brown baboon .The acrobatic black-and-white colobus has a luxuriant black coat with bright white facial and flank markings and a flowing white tail that streams behind it spectacularly when it leaps between trees. A resident of highland and mid-altitude forests, it is regularly observed in Arusha. The Blue monkey lives in small troops,and has a uniform dark blue-grey coat broken by a white throat. Reliable spots include the forested slopes of Ngurdoto Crater (Arusha). The vervet monkey is the world’s most numerous primate, apart from humans An adaptable and gregarious omnivore, it might be seen in any habitat other than desert and forest.
Black and White Colobus- High on perchVery human likeTotally relaxed female- awaiting maleHe arrives

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