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Lions can only be found in the north of Namibia. Between 250 and 750 lions live in Etosha National Park while smaller populations exist in the Caprivi, .There can be no other species whose distributional range has decreased as much as the lion (Panthera leo). Many are shot, trapped or poisoned when trespassing on farms, or die when there prey ratios are reduced by drought or disease. Lions are great wanderers and spend much of their time hunting, patrolling territories, playing and sleeping. Although they live in prides of up to 30 individuals which is comprised of between 4 and 12 related females, it is the lioness that remain in the pride for life, while male lions form coalitions and defend the females of a group from rival males.From 200000 lions in 1970 less than 50000 survive in Namibia today.
His majesty the Lion

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