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These pictures are a continuation of my earlier mountain pictures. The captions will tell the story. These pictures are edited to provide the viewer a FRONT SEAT approach to enjoying the scenery. Imagine that you are on a ride in this beautiful terrain and see you later in Penjikent! PLEASE SET SLIDE SHOW AT FULL SCREEN AND % SECS
Vodka toast after a succesful 12 hrs on the Pamirs with my 2 drivers and guideOur host in front of the only heating source- A local farmer and village head. He inherited the job from his father. At 32 he is a very resourceful manMy out house!!Our lodging. Cold and humbleMy private room-Absolutely no heat. Others had a better time.And it was right next to a Icy bubbling brook. The night sky was  starry magic and the moonlight on the snow covered peaks was pure poetryMy villageThe view in the morningSaying good byeOn the road again

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