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The most important forest south of the Amazon is formed by a set of subtropical rainforests including the Brazilian “Mata Atlántica” and the Interior Atlantic Forest in the Argentine province of Misiones. These forests host dozens of unique species of orchids, small primates, bats of rare habits and endemic birds. Around one million hectares of the highly endangered Interior Atlantic Forest still stand in patches spread throughout the Argentine province of Misiones. Thanks to conservation efforts they are linked and this continuous forest cover supports healthy populations of big mammals, such as Jaguar, South American Tapir and Giant Anteater among others. A myriad of colorful birds live in Iguazú. Thousands of Great Dusky Swifts and several species of forest raptors master the skies here as well. The forest canopy is home to noisy flocks of Parrots, Parakeets, Antwrens and five species of Toucans.
The Scarlet MacawAmazon ParrotRed IbisHyacinth MacawsCanary winged ParakeetBlue-fronted Amazon ParrotCocoi Heron in rainJungle FowlsToco- Toucan

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