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The status of a pilgrims can be identified by their headgear, clothes, robes, earrings or the way their hair is braided. Pilgrimages to religious sites are of great importance to Tibetan Buddhists. Approached with the same religious zeal as Muslims going to Mecca, they are seen as both a religious duty and a chance to earn merit, plus a time to enjoy oneself and maybe an opportunity to seek a cure to an illness for themselves or a loved one. Thus pilgrimages involve getting to the holy site itself and performing a pilgrimage around the site once there. . Pilgrims used to walk or make their way on horseback to the pilgrimage sites but now they arrive in buses and trucks.Some pilgrims travel thousands of miles in the backs of old trucks to get to pilgrimage sites.They often bring their children, what little money they have and meat and vegetables to sell at a market to help pay for their trip.

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