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The site has been continuously inhabited since the second century BC.The Slavs occupied the south-western portion of the hill as early as the 11th century,and was known as the 'grad of Moscow'. The existing Kremlin walls and towers were built by Italian masters over the years 1485 to 1495. The Kremlin wall encloses an area of 68 acres. Originally there were eighteen Kremlin towers,Cathedral Square is the heart of the Kremlin. It is surrounded by six buildings, including three cathedrals. The Cathedral of the Dormition was completed in 1479 to be the main church of Moscow and where all the Tsars were crowned. The massive limestone facade, capped with its five golden cupolas was the design of Aristotele Fioravanti. The gilded, three-domed Cathedral of the Annunciation was completed next in 1489. On the south-east of the square is the much larger Cathedral of the Archangel Michael (1508), where almost all the Muscovite monarchs from Ivan i to Alexis I of Russia are interred.
The Kremlin complex from Muskova river frontClassic Soviet art-Love emVestiges of architectural style from Novidavichy convent( vice versa)Tombs of heroesRed Guards-EliteRasputins viewInside the KremlinOffices and apartments of Lenin and StalinGuns from Napoleanic Wars- Napolean breached the KremlinCathedral Square with 4 Historic churchesAssumption Cathedral where the Tsars were Coronated ( built 1475)largest Bell in the WorldWorld famous cupolas by Italian master Flavanti- cathedral of annunciation ( 1489)

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