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This sub-Antarctic park is studded with mountains, lakes and rivers which form deep valleys.It encompasses an area of 63,000 hectares acres) and represents two ecoregions: the Altos Andes and the Patagonian Forest. Humans inhabited Tierra del Fuego as far back as 10,000 years ago The Yaghan people, living in the harsh environment, survived on the natural resources of the sea. They lived on its beaches and made voyages into the sea in canoes made of lenga beech, hunted sea lions and collected shellfish.They were naked & smeared their body with the fat and grease of these animals to waterproof their skins.One of the most amazing features of this park are the the beech (Lenga) trees & their capacity to grow under very severe conditions:high wind exposure(100kmpH) ; n annual mean temperature of 5ºC and rainfall varying from 300 to 5,000 mm .It is truly “extreme” conditions and it is here where this beech tree forest support of thousands of living things forming this peculiar ecosystem.
Barnacles and seaweed

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