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Hidden Canyon is a beautifully narrow and deep "hanging canyon" tucked away above the main Zion canyon The trail climbs up the east side of the main canyon, crosses a few ravines and ends at the mouth of Hidden Canyon, giving hikers access to explore up the canyon as far as they can. This hike is fairly strenuous with an elevation gain over 1000 feet, several exposed sections, and plenty of rock scrambling in Hidden Canyon. It may take anywhere between 3 to 6 hours depending on how much you explore. Steep drop-offs en route may discourage some, but those who reach the Canyon entrance will enjoy commanding views of Zion Canyon .Deep canyon exploration requires good conditioning and moderate to advanced scrambling skills. Steep drop-offs make this trail unsuitable for anyone fearful of heights. Some canyon obstacles are more easily scaled up than down. Only confident, experienced scramblers should push deep into Hidden Canyon.

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