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The unique Greek island of Santorini is all about colour and contrast. Everything seems painted white: buildings, pavements, stones, even the tree trunks. Around midday the sky loses its dazzling blue and joins the whiteness above the hazy islands. Then there’s blue sea, blue paint, black sand and red rock.There’s no better way to experience this than by taking the classic Santorini trek from the old town of Fira to Oia. This is the perfect opportunity to catch a snapshot of Santorini’s iconic architecture and geography as you teeter along the edge of the crater rim past villas, convents and graveyards.At every step are superb views of the island volcano and its caldera, filled with the blue Mediterranean. Santorini is actually the residue of an incomprehensibly large volcanic eruption about 1450 BC, and under the blackened island of the Kammeni things are still simmering away.
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