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The people of Central Asia are a varied lot. While the Kazakhs are a mix of Mongols, Huns and Tatars, the Uzbeks are predominantly Turks with a Mongol mix in the eastern provinces and a Turk- Persian mix in the southern provinces. The western Uzbeks are either Persian or from Turkmanic tribes. One can see the race lines fairly well. The Tajiks are predominantly Persian with a good Indo-European blend arising from the Greek, Kushan and North Indian empires that set roots for many centuries. As the cauldron of empires, these people have a rich ethnic history and as a result beautiful faces and forms. The Tajiks are beautiful while the Uzbeks are more graceful. See it for yourself!
Girl from Bukhara- Tajik extractionElegant Tajik -Persian Extraction evidentGirl from TermezGirl from BukharaGirl from SamarkhandTashkent Pilaf -makerTaskkent Pilaf Maker's siterWalnut lady- UzbekistanThe descendents of Sayiidis- The cousin of MohammadMother and child- TermezImam- Shrine of Hakim at Termezi- the great Sufi saint and Buddhist PhilosopherSchool girls collecting cottob bush for the hearth- Surkandharia ProvinceSayiidi tomb keeper's wifeDrop down and prayUzbek-India Bhai Bhai

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