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It was here in this West Orange, NJ complex that Edison systematically developed his ideas for alkaline storage batteries, recorded music, and motion pictures, and transformed them into marketable products. Once perfected, these prototypes were sent to the vast factory complex Edison began building in 1888 adjacent to the laboratory. . The products developed at the research laboratory during the late 19th and early 20th centuries dramatically changed the way Americans lived and worked. The fusion of business and technology achieved at the complex provided a model for modern corporate and governmental research and development laboratories.When it was in operation, r, this complex was one of the most important creations of Thomas Alva Edison. These buildings--the chemistry, physics, and metallurgy laboratories; machine shop; pattern shop; research library; and rooms for experiments—were built in 1887. They formed the core of Edison's R&D complex.
the chemistry labsMain gate and etime officeOffice, library and oftentimes his bedroomHe slept here most nightsTime card puchHeavy machine shop- he made his own toolsThe generators/Motors

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