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The Walkway Over The Hudson, which was once a bridge for trains to make their way over the Hudson River, is an experience worth having with gorgeous views in every direction on the 1.28-mile long walkway. Stretching between Poughkeepsie on the east side of the river and Highland on the west side, the bridge is not only a great place to walk but it is also a historic site. How historic is the bridge? The Poughkeepsie-Highland Railroad Bridge is a remarkable achievement, first proposed in 1855. After the Civil War, the idea was taken more seriouslyand construction began in 1886. The first train crossed December 29, 1888. When the bridge opened in 1889, it was the longest bridge in North America( some say in the World) and the first bridge to span the Hudson River between Albany and New York City. It became a key transportation hub linking western raw materials to eastern industrial centers until the fire in 1974 closed it.

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