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The Ganges is a place of death and life for the Hindus.Cremation anywhere along the Ganges is desirable. A verse from the Mahabharata promises, If only the bone of a person should touch the water of the Ganges, that person shall dwell, honored, in heaven." For the living, bathing in the Ganges is just as important. Hindus will travel miles to have their sins washed away in these holy waters. The river Ganges draws all kinds of people and life seems to continually be bustling at its side. On the platforms and ghats are barbers cutting and trimming hair, and children flying their kites. You may see young men wrestling, exercising, or in deep meditation.As one writer quipped, "There are pilgrims,beggars, idlers, vendors, touts, the young, the old, the curious, the talkers, the guides, the priests, the families simply out for a stroll, the ascetics, the crippled, women scrubbing out household pots and pans, the toughs, the gently curious ones. All are there along the Ganges"
Tribal woman ponderingA patient carp fisherman-a string and a hookA young flower sellerLife in a balanceBrahmin needs the barber but will not touch himAn angry one carrying the trident of Lord ShivaIn silent prayerMendicants

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