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Leshan is home to the largest Buddha Statue in the World and is located in a huge botanically diverse area.UNESCO has named it both a cultural and natural heritage site, a rare distinction.Buddhism was introduced into China in the 1st century AD via the Silk Road from India to Mt.Emei. In the 6th century Sichuan was the home of the Chan (Zen) School of Chinese Buddhism; this period saw the building of more than a hundred temples in the province.In the mid-9th Century the Song Emperor Zhao Kuangyin sent a Buddhist mission headed by Master Jiye to India. On his return he was authorized to build temples on Mount Emei, where he preached and translated the Indian Buddhist texts. Since that time Mount Emei has been one of the most holy places of Buddhism. Over the course of the centuries it has accumulated many cultural treasures. The most striking is the Giant Buddha: work began on carving it out of the mountainside in the early 8th century, and was not completed for ninety years.

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