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Triplicane is still an amazing place. The environs of the Parthasarathy temple with its iyengar ambience& the Wallajah mosque built by the Nawab of Arcot with its muslim flavour are certainly unique. Some of you Madras folks will hopefully reminisce about the charecteristics of that city through these pictures.Non- muslims are not allowed in the mosque but I worked my way in by offering to cover my head and visit the Dharga. Ironically, I was not allowed inside the Parthasaraty temple because of the camera. The iyengar agraharam was built for 40 temple workers 120 years ago , with the property bestowed to the Ayodhya Rama temple by a local benefactor. They still pay Rs.5 per month, but grumble that no one takes care of them.
Amir Mahal- Palace of the Nawab of ArcotColonial infrastructure150 year old Muslim wedding garland makerZam BazaarSeller of Muslim wedding essentialsA Hindu neighbourGetting the evening Jasmine ready under the auspicies of MGRA drunks salute to his herosa Madraasa in TriplicaneGreek revival (in decline)Iyengar mama who feeds stray cows daily ( at 84)a Jain templeRoad scene in TriplicaneI drank this cofee in a restaurant on the cofee sellers recomendation

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