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Khiva is ancient Khorezm. Located south of the Aral Sea and is now part of Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan.This ancient UNESCO World Heritage city is famous for its many historic buildings which are preserved as a museum like walled city. Khiva is most intact of the ancient cities of Uzbekistan. Khorezm has put up great resistance to such conquerors as Alexander the Great and then Arabs of Kuteyba Ibn Muslim in AD 680. Only Genghis Khan's associates for the first time conquered Khiva,massacred 100000 and the rest were were enslaved. Even tamerlane could not subdue it in 1388. In 1589, when Khiva became a main city of khanate, it was a small fortified city with a history approximately ten centuries long.Russia annexed part of the khanate in 1873 (partially because of the slave trade of Khiva that caused terror in southern Russia as Turkmen raiders snatched peasants from their farms and sold them in the slave markets of Khiva and Bukhara).
The main gate of the walled city- Ischon KhilaSunrise- From my roomNotes of the great scientist Al-Baruni, who lived hereNotes of Al-Jibr- The founder of Algebra, who lived hereSharing the hospitality of the locals. Bread is made in communal ovens located in every corner

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