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The silk road splits from Kashgar(Karakoram).The Northern route goes through the Gobi desert to the oasis towns of Urumqui, and Turpan. The southern route takes the hostile Taklamakan route via Khotan and hooks up again at Turpan. These pictures are along the Northern route. From Turpan I took a 26 hr train ride along the Gobi to Dunhuang- one of the still great Buddhist sites. From Dunhuang the silk road takes the Gansu corridor all the way to its terminus in Xian- The greatest City in the World until the 12th century.
Spectacular Bezerzik Buddhist Monastery and Caves. In the 19th century the Brits and the Germans completely pillaged these caves. British Museum collectionsMagao Grottos- World Heritage site- 492 caves with spectacular Buddhist paintings 2nd century to 7th century

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