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The leopard seal is the 2nd largest species of seal in the Antarctic (after the southern elephant seal). It can live 26 years, possibly more. Orcas and large sharks are their only natural predators .Its canine teeth are i" long and is second to the Orca as a top predator. Larger leopard seals probably switch from krill to more substantial prey, including king, adelie, rockhopper, gentoo and emperor penguins, and less frequently other seals like crabeater seal.They are potentially highly dangerous towards humans, but attacks are rarely reported. include: In 2003, a leopard seal dragged snorkeling biologist Kirsty Brown of the British Antarctic Survey nearly 200 feet underwater to her death, in what was identified as the first known human fatality from a leopard seal.Leopard seals have shown a particular predilection for attacking the black, torpedo-shaped Zodiac boats, necessitating researchers to equip their craft with special protective guards to prevent them from being punctured.

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