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Enna is a World Heritage Site. Geographically Enna is the heart of Sicily : here I found Sicily untouched by time and mass tourism. The town is a sleepy dreamy place, high on a plateau overlooking the dramatic Dittaino valley, with its jutting rocky outcrops and neighbouring hill towns. Its position as the highest regional capital in Italy (at nearly 1000 metres above sea level) has earned it the nickname 'Belvedere’ or 'Beautiful View' and it certainly has that. Historically Enna has been important as an agricultural centre since Arab rule. Indeed the area is still responsible for a large proportion of Italian grain production, and the pasta you eat anywhere in Italy may well have started life in Enna. A tour round the surrounding countryside will give any tourist an interesting insight into a traditional Sicilian way of life.The port city of Trapani lies below Enna and gives it both a mountain fortification and access to sea trade which is very unique.
Approaching EnnaDriving on this road was like flying a plane with blue waters all aroundPort fortifications- unusual

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