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Chapada dos Veadeiros National Park( UNESCO World Heritage) is part of the highest plain in Central Brazil The region is of outstanding beauty and is made up of wide plateaus with waterfalls and crystal clear springs.The uplands give way to deep rocky canyons and valleys.The cerrados are woody savannas, whose variety spreads from dense forest areas with a tree height of up to 20 m to nearly treeless grassland areas with only few or no shrubs.The annual rainfall lies between 800 and 2000 mm. In contrast, regions with more than 2000 mm rainfall form the transition to the tropical rain forests of the Amazonian basin.The Brazilian Cerrado is the largest, oldest and biologically richest savanna in the world of which less than 10% remains in a natural state. It contain over 60% of all Cerrado plants and almost 80% of its vertebrate species, also many rare small animals that do not occur elsewhere in the region. Over 125 endemic plants and numerous fauna native to the area are conserved here.

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