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In 1996 I took refuge in the tents of the Toureg people of Timbouktoo,Mali. New Year 2009 was spent in a Berber tent in Northern Sahara.The white sand of Mali had ultimately turned orange in Morocco. A distance of nearly 1800km was covered by caravans in 48 days (10th century till 17th).They consisted of 15000 pack animals and people-replete with jugglers, prostitutes,story tellers, doctors and such. Here in Merzouga the goods were distributed around the Magreb thus enriching the local merchants.The current Alawit Dynasty( 1610-current) which now rules from Rabat is from this area. Remember that these caravans spread Islam to interior Africa resulting in a rich fabric of ethinicity from classical Arabs from Saudi to the Negroid from Mali and Niger. The desert is a place where man meets his maker. Where nature shows her dominance over everything man-made. It is a sobering, peaceful and an inviting place.
Arjuna walks to his rideDawn Camel ride on the DunesView from my camelNisha joining us in the summitDawn in the DesertNew Years Eve Celebrations in the DesertOur Berber tent40 miles to the DunesAu Revoir!A well in the desert

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