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The Antarctic Tern can be found breeding on a large number of islands in the Southern Oceans and off the coast of Antarctica. Some birds from the south of its range have been found wintering on the coast of Argentina and South Africa.Breeding populations in the southern part of this species's range are migratory, post-breeding flocks migrating long distances to winter off the southern coasts of South America and South Africa..Some populations around Antarctica remain close to their breeding grounds all year round however and moult on ice-floes or icebergs on open water.. It usually nests in small loose colonies of 5-20 pairs although it may often nest singly and has been known to nest in larger colonies of up to 1,000 pairs. It forages in inshore waters singly or in small flocks and in the winter communal roosts of 10-1,200 individuals often form.
The last light before Antarctica

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