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One of the wonders of the American West is Antelope Canyon, within the Navajo Nation in northern Arizona. Parts of Upper and Lower Antelope Canyon form into "slot canyons", a most exquisite and unusual phenomena.They are exceedingly narrow, sheer-walled sandstone canyons, sometimes only a few feet wide and hundreds of feet high. These constricted canyons can cause spectacular flash floods during the occasional powerful summer storms in the region. The force of the flood waters combined with eons of time carves and polishes the canyon's sandstone walls into exquisite shapes. The canyon shadowy walls combined with sunlight beams that penetrate the canyon often create scenes of unbelievable and surreal natural beauty. Its flat sandy bottom allows easy access to anyone. Many slot canyons are filled with obstructions such as debris, deep pools of standing water, and quicksand. You need to be a serious outdoors person to negotiate such canyons.
Entering Upper Antelopetarantula on canyon wallLight gets bluer as one goes deeper

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