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There are 14 'Chatries' or memorials to the rulers of Orchha, grouped along the Kanchana Ghat of the river Betwa. Amidst this group of cubical structures with temple like spires, Bir Singh’s cenotaph alone has explicit Islamic features on it.Prince Salim, son of the Great Mughal Akbar was fleeing Agra. He had rebelled against his father,ao Akbar sent his right hand man, Abul Fazl to capture the Prince. They passed through the kingdom of the Bundelas. The Bundelas were fierce Rajput chieftains who ruled out of their hidden city of Orchha.The Bundela cheiftain, Bir Singh Deo came to Salim's aid. He had Abul Fazl killed in an ambush and sent the head to Salim.Prince Salim eventually reconciled with his father and returned to Agra. Bir Singh Deo's favour was not forgotten and he was showered with Mughal patronage. With the coffers now full, Orchha now entered it's golden age. The Bundelkhand style of architecture flowered and several fairy tale like palaces and temples were built.
Sunset on the banks of BetwaA sadhu walked along full of blessingsEarly morning walk to the River

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