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Tanzania offers several Safari opportunities; from 5 star luxury where visitors are more interested in souvenir shopping, 3 star lodges; nicely sited with adequate comfort and lastly tented camps( not quite cheap) but located right in the heart of the Serengeti and Ndutu plains. The camps gives a traveler such as myself a full fledged immersion into nature with animals strolling around the camp including lions and Hyenas in the night. The sounds of the night are amazing but invariable one is tired after a long day and a couple of stiff drinks, curled up in western comfort deep inside eastern Africa.
My landcruiser for the tripMy driver and companion Prosper SimboArriving at Serengeti Osopuku campMy tentBehind the tent- middle of the serengetiMasai guardThe Mess tentHot water loaded for shower using a pulley system onto the canvas bagCampfire with Vodka and cashewsThe Halisi Mobile camp in Ndutu- South Serengeti

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