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A slot canyon begins as a hairline crack in rock, which is beaten upon by rapidly flowing water until it becomes larger; finally over a vast period of time and a multitude of flash floods have eroded the rock, it forms a narrow crevice.Wind, water and time carve lines on the walls of some slot canyons. Utah has the densest population of slot canyons in the world due to the eroding soft sandstone and arid conditions found in the state. Although most people have heard of two or three famous slot canyons, there are actually over one-thousand slot canyons in Zion N.P. Not all are easy to explore due to water and other obstacles within them. Most slot canyons require at least a scramble over boulders, between crevices and even swimming through ice cold water to explore. Once in a while a drought will leave a portion of a canyon empty that normally holds water and during those times it can be more easily explored such as Echo Canyon in Zion.
Slot canyon from abovePatinated with lichens showing frequent floodingA tree washed into the canyon

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