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Meybod is a sprawling mud-brick town that is at least 1800 years old. Of most interest is the crumbling Narin castle in the centre of town. This dates from Sassannian times and may well be the oldest existing mud-brick structure in Iran.( 2nd -7th century AD).Meybod's Pigeon Tower is one of the biggest and the best. The pigeons are gone and the pigeon alcoves reveal a distinctly surreal and appealing architecture. The only remaining earthen ice chamber in Yazd province is situated by a caravan road hered, 50 kilometers north of Yazd and adjacent to some historic structures such as a reservoir and the main caravansary of the city. This building has remained intact and is considered a perfect example of the architectural style of its time. It is believed to date back to the Safavid era.(15th to 17th centuries)
Abandoned carvanserai circa 1560Abandoned fortressRestored monuments

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