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Red Square began life as a slum, a shanty town of wooden huts clustered beneath the Kremlin walls that housed a collection of peddlers, criminals and drunks whose status left them outside the official boundaries of the medieval city. The square's name has nothing to do with communism or with the color of many of its buildings. Red Square came into its own in the 20th Century, when it was most famous as the site of official military parades demonstrating to the world the might of the Soviet armed forces. Since Perestroika the emphasis has moved away from official pomp, and Red Square has been used increasingly for rock concert and big classical music performances .The varied beauty of the architecture and the magical atmosphere belie the square's often brutal and bloody history, but the combination makes Red Square a truly fascinating place that one will want to come back to again and again.
Main gate -Moscow KremlinSt. Basil's- Built to celebrate victory in Kazan over the Tatars by Peter the GreatMuseum of 18th Century artRed Squire in Red SquareSpecracular GUM Dept store-It was one shop of empty shelves in USSRGUM is a fancy Shopping mall todayThe Bolshoi TheatreTheatre District- Dozen performance venuesChekov wrote and acted in this theatre-The Chekov TheatreThe Church of the Primate of the Greek Orthodox church ( moved from Vladimir)

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