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Baikal dog-sledding is an unforgettable experience in which you are driving your own dogsled powered by a team of handsome Kamchatka Huskies. These dogs absolutely live to pull. The pulling instinct is so strong that they need training nearly every day. One skilled person mushes the dogs for the first leg of the track while I am is comfortably tucked into the sled.At the midpoint, you got the chance to change roles between "mushers" and "passengers". The dogs are too eager and needs constant threats, coaxing and punishment to stay the coarse. They run at 50 Kmph for the first 20 km and slow down to about 30 kmph on the return. The first 15 minutes at the helm is so scary since one needs to learn to balance while standing up.When there is a small ice build up on the lake the dogs simply run over them giving you the scare of your life . A fall can break a limb or two at the speeds they operate. There is a foot operated braking system which pulls the reins encouraging the dogs to stop.
My dogs are arriving from the kennelReady for take off30 mphDogs are tired after 20Kice is 4 ft thick

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